The One with All the Christmas Trees

A Humorous and Heartwarming Mis-Match Holiday Novella


Part of The Barnes Family

Themes: Small City, Holiday, Novella, Set Up

Published: February 2018

Ebook – $2.99

About Title

A Humorous and Heartwarming holiday novella set in the Barnes Family series. Author Reese Patton tells the story of a mismatch made Christmas.

Attorney Brandt Hayward plans on working through the holidays. A huge case landed in his lap and needs to spend his time formulating a perfect defense. Until his sister convinces him to spend the Christmas Eve with her and her friends. The last thing he expects to find is a smart and beautiful women with an aversion to men with white-collar jobs.

Paramedic Mallory Davies forgoes spending the holiday in her hometown because she has to work on Christmas Day. But instead of spending the evening eating a frozen turkey entree while watching A Christmas Story marathon, she gets a pity invite to spend Christmas Eve with a co-worker and his friends. The last thing she expects to find is a handsome and brilliant criminal defense attorney.

Can Brandt and Mallory find their way to the mistletoe before they lose their chance?

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Praise for Reese Patton's The Barnes Family series

“The chemistry is palpable and it’s a feelgood romance”—Gwen

“a fast paced quickie that packs a punch”—Brenda

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About Reese Patton

Reese Patton is the author of Spicy Small Town Romance and Sassy Crime Stories. She writes humorous and heartwarming books that will make you laugh and maybe even cry a little.

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