Blueprints for No-Fail Fonts

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Blueprints for No Fail Fonts

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Blueprints for No-Fail Fonts gives self-publishers the basic page settings for some of the most used and recognized fonts found in print books.

Contains everything you need to design a print book indistinguishable from traditionally published books:

Suggested margins for the most common trim sizes
An overview of each of the no-fail fonts: Caslon, Garamond, Minion Pro, Baskerville, and Electra
Recommendations for the best versions of a font for print books (not all Garamonds are built the same), including a brief history of the specific versions that can be used in a colophon
Minimum and maximum page settings for each of the suggested font versions – including font size, leading, and hyphenation & justification settings
Some of the most commonly recommended and used fonts pairings

In addition to all the useful information, each font group comes with the settings for two chapter openers. Between the chapter openers and the basic page settings for the different font versions, Blueprints for No-Fail fonts offers more than twenty blueprints for self-publishers to use in formatting their books for print.

What Readers say

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~ Bunni
One of the absolute best “rebound” romances I’ve ever read! I couldn’t get enough!
~ Shelly Ash
I truly enjoyed watching the romance play out between Mallory and Brandt. It was sweet, funny and real.
~ Dawn Y.
Sort of funny in a quirky way. Poignant and realistic... This story was easy to read, a truly delightful little tale.
~ Judi
... all is super serious, then BAM an awesome Friends reference sneaks up on me!
~ Lisa

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