Picking the Perfect Typeface Part 2

Cost The first consideration is cost. Do you have access to Adobe Fonts? If yes, skip to part 3. Do you rent fonts from Fontstand? Yes? Skip ahead to part 3 . Have you purchased a design cuts bundle with a decent serif? Feel free to skip ahead to part 3 if you said yes. […]

Picking the Perfect Typeface Part 4

Tone & Personality If you have a scale where dramatic and serious is on one side and humorous and light is on the other, where does your book fall. As long as it’s not smack dab in the center (which is probably isn’t), it will favor one side more than the other. Is it serious […]

Picking the Perfect Typeface Part 5

Genre Let’s look at genre and how that can play a role in choosing a great typeface. For instance, Sabon is perfect for Romances, regardless of the type of Romance. Dante is ideal for Paranormal and Urban Fantasy books. Janson shines in Science Fiction and Electra is great for actions and adventures. Part of that […]

Finding the Perfect Font: Baskerville

Baskerville is the grand daddy of the typefaces for print. It is a steady and traditional typeface that when placed on a printed page demands the reader pays attention to the words. Before Amazon hired Dalton Maag to design Bookerly for the Kindle, it used Baskerville as the default. However, because it’s the grand daddy, […]

Finding the Perfect Font: Electra

William A. Dwiggins designed Electra specifically to be used for extended text in print form. Even more specifically, it was designed to be used in books. A perfect typeface for self-publishers. It’s a neutral typeface that can be used for almost every project, but still has a spark of personality. Electra is not a revival […]