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How uses cookies- UPDATED 10/2019

Cookies communicate informatin between a website and the device used to access the website. The information is stored in a small text file.

Once a computer receives a cookie from a website, every time that computer visits that website, the cookie sends information to the website, such as what pages you have visited or links you clicked.

Cookies are used to identify the device (tells the website to show a computer version or mobile version of the site). Cookies can even remember site preferences. A cookie is intended to make a visit to a website better.

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Performance Cookies: Cookies used by Google Analytics to collect anonymous and non-identifying information about page visits. Such as links clicked, pages visited, 

Functionality cookies: Cookies used to remember previous visits to the website. No browsing activity is tracked and all information is anonymous.

Third party cookies: Some third parties use cookies on this website (Google Analytics for one). cannot access any information from these cookies. The website has no control over and is not responsible for the privacy or cookie policies of third-party sites.