Immaculate Reception

The Barnes Family Series

Book #2

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When First Love is Everlasting Love

A Humorous and Heartwarming small city romance novel set in the Barnes Family series. Author Reese Patton tells the story of finding true love in first love accompanied with all the struggles young adults face and conquer.

Aiden Rennol is going the distance. He’s starting his final year in college, the star quarterback of the football team, and well on his way to the pros. His reputation on campus is record-breaking, both on and off the field. One record in particular is the stuff of legend – no relationships. Ever. But he’s about to call an audible.

Kelsey Pierson is charming, beautiful, intelligent, and has a problem – Aiden entering her perfect world. On the surface, she has everything – wealth, academic success, and a set plan for her life after college. Becoming Aiden’s girlfriend is nowhere in that plan. But she’s about to switch majors.

What Readers say

Great story. Cried laughed, got angry. Emotional read. Highly recomend.
~ Bunni
One of the absolute best “rebound” romances I’ve ever read! I couldn’t get enough!
~ Shelly Ash
I truly enjoyed watching the romance play out between Mallory and Brandt. It was sweet, funny and real.
~ Dawn Y.
Sort of funny in a quirky way. Poignant and realistic... This story was easy to read, a truly delightful little tale.
~ Judi
... all is super serious, then BAM an awesome Friends reference sneaks up on me!
~ Lisa

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