Formatting your book for print

Formatting for Print

How to Format your book for POD Printers


Part of A Self-Publisher’s Guide

Published: April 2019

Ebook – $5.99

Paperback – $21.95

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About Formatting For Print

There are no rules in book design. 

Only conventions you throw away when they no longer work. Formatting for Print gives you the knowledge to decide when to throw those conventions to the wayside, and when to try to make them work.

This book is both an introductory course on typography and an overview of interior book design used by traditional publishers.

By the end of the book, you’ll learn:

  • What information to include in your print book
  • How to find the best typeface for your book
  • How to set your book

You’ll also have a:

  • Basic template for all your print book needs
  • An advanced template for InDesign that can be used to generate both a PDF and an epub
  • A CSS to use for your epubs

Formatting for Print gives self-publishers all the tools they need to design and format a book indistinguishable from traditionally published books.

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About Reese Patton

Reese Patton is the author of several screwball comedy Romance novels, including the Copperwood series and Ian and Merideth Investigations. Since falling down into the rabbit hole that is interior book design, her collection of fonts has turned from a mere addiction into a hording problem.

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