Making Sausages

No one wants to see how the sausages get made. Years ago, when I was young, my grandfather had a small herd of beef cattle. Each year, during the slaughter, he’d give his daughters a half a cow. One year, I went with my mother to pick up the half of cow at the slaughterhouse. […]

Ebook Tips & Tricks

The other day I was looking through digital library. I have 3714 ebooks in my library. I actually have more, but they’re sitting on an external drive and not on my computer. Now, there’s no way I can keep those 3700 books on my reading device without it wanting to take a long vacation, instead […]

Off the Rails

Sometimes a book just goes off the rails… Honor did that. About 5000 words in, and I was too close to realize it was happening. It took a very nice editor to point out the problems if I chose to keep it on its current track. And while the problems were all ultimately fixable, Honor […]

Sassy Heroines

Sassy Heroines, Exasperated Heroes, and Comedies of Manners I admit it, I love the screwball comedies of the 40s and 50s (and earlier). And all of these great comedies have played a role in inspiring the world of Billion Dollar Headlines. And it’s probably why I love Ian and Merideth as much as I do. […]